There are so many details to coordinate for a wedding day.

Figuring out how to have a loved one there doesn’t have to be one of them.

COTA Travel Assist specializes in providing transportation and skilled companion services to help physically and/or cognitively impaired family members attend special events. With over 75 years of combined rehabilitation experience, you can be sure your loved one will get the extra care and attention they need. Everyone can enjoy the event and focus on making beautiful memories together!

Our services include:

  • Transportation
  • Logistical planning
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Companionship throughout the event

We focus on keeping your loved one safe, and feeling happy and confident.


See what people are saying about their experience working with COTA Travel.

Penny W.

I can't say enough about the outstanding service provided by COTA Travel Assist. You made every step of the process of getting my husband from his nursing facility to our daughter's wedding not just possible but 100% stress free. Julie was so attentive, kind, and personable that many of our friends thought she was a helpful relative attending to Kevin. And as if her service on the day of the wedding was not enough, Julie went way above and beyond assembling a lovely shadow box containing his boutonniere and a program, which she dropped off to him several days after the wedding. All this at a considerable savings over what we paid to hire a regular chair car for a previous event. I feel blessed to have learned about your service and will absolutely be calling on you again (for our next family wedding!)

Pamela F.

I'm from a large close-knit Italian family. The first of the cousins, my niece, got engaged. We were all so excited until she announced that all the festivities and wedding would take place in Newport, RI which is three hours from where we live, most importantly, where my elderly parents live. My dad (90) is fine to travel with full mobility. My mom (88) on the other hand, has significant mobility issues which require her to use a walker for brief walks but mostly a wheelchair for everything else.

The pre-wedding activities would require a two-night stay at the hotel they booked. My mom could not stay at a hotel with all of her special equipment and needs. Also, she would never have had the energy for everything beforehand and also attend the main event. We worried all year about how we would transport them to the wedding, who would need to stay back, etc. Finally, I was introduced to Rachel and to the much-needed service she offers. She met with my parents beforehand to make them more comfortable with what would happen that day. My mother was very resistant to the whole idea but agreed to participate in the plan.

Rachel got both of them there the day of the wedding, assisted in getting my mom ready, and was there the whole time looking like a beautiful guest at their table. She was warm, and compassionate to all my parents' needs and even helped out my aunt with memory issues taking her to the ladies' room when needed. My parents were so happy and had an amazing time. She then took them back home that night. She was instrumental in making the day a success for all of us. We were so grateful for her much-needed service and professionalism. I would highly recommend Rachel Cocoran and will certainly be a repeat customer when the need arises again.

Linda L.

I know having my brother be a part of his daughter s wedding made her day extra special. We can t thank Rachel enough for helping to make it happen. She traveled up to Augusta Maine, brought David down to Saco Maine for the wedding and then brought him back home. Whole at the wedding, she stayed in the background, letting Dave socialize with family and friends. If she saw a need( Dave getting tired and needing to sit down or help in the bathroom) she was right there to help. Rachel talked with my brother ahead of time to put him at ease with her. He really liked traveling with her.We will gladly hire COTA Travel Assist again.

David C.

I used COTA Travel Assist to bring my mother to my daughter's wedding in RI for the day, about an hour's drive. We were in the wedding and staying at the venue, and COTA was an invaluable resource for this occasion. Rachel was super attentive and provided all the companionship that my mother could have wanted. We were completely at ease knowing that my mother was cared for and doted on. I wouldn't hesitate to use COTA Travel Assist again.

Glenn H.

Rachel and team provide an invaluable service! I live 4 hours away from my mom, who is legally blind, and in assisted living. The transportation option from the assisted living wasn't sufficient as mom would need someone to bring her into the appointment and not just to the facility. Mom enjoys their company and I know she is safe with the trained professionals at COTA. Finding COTA removed a huge weight off my shoulders. I've used COTA travel multiple times and highly recommend them!


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COTA Travel is based in Boston MA, travel to the client’s home city to provide services can be arranged.