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To improve quality of life through the exploration of leisure and travel experiences.

About Rachel and COTA.Travel

Rachel assists people with mobility issues and other challenges to safely and happily travel with dignity, making sure that they are enjoying every part of their accessible trip. A client might want to attend a family reunion or enjoy a day trip, a long weekend, or a dream trip of a lifetime across the country. Clients never thought that they would be able to realize their dreams to travel, but with her knowledge as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), and experience traveling, Rachel can make their dreams come true. And they can travel knowing that a skilled professional will help guide and care for them throughout the trip. Rachel gives her clients memories that they never thought were attainable.

Rachel became accredited as a COTA in 1995. Since then, she has more than a decade of experience working with elderly people as well as with patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, strokes, or who have been diagnosed with ALS, MS, Huntington’s Disease, and dementia. Recently, she has been refocusing her skills and experience to form COTA Travel, a service for travelers who need a companion.

Since many elderly people are hesitant to travel alone, Rachel provides the skilled companionship that they need. Rachel is a patient, qualified, compassionate care giver who can help with everything from planning a trip to personal care during the trip. With her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and strong interpersonal skills coupled with her COTA training, Rachel is the perfect travel companion. She has the dedication and willingness to work long, hard hours to help her clients achieve their goals and gain independence.

Note - The client’s medical practitioner must approve and work with COTA Travel to assure that the client’s needs are identified and managed.


Full or Half Day Trips

For a day trip, the starting and destination locations would both be inside 495. There are so many wonderful places and events that happen right here in our area and there is no reason to miss them. COTA Travel will help clients enjoy an afternoon, a show, or an event that lasts the entire day.

Overnight Trips

Whether a client is going on vacation or wants to join family for an upcoming event, like a graduation, wedding, or family reunion, COTA Travel can help with everything from planning, booking, and preparing for the trip to providing skilled companionship throughout.

Skilled Companionship

For the client who requires more help, COTA Travel offers skilled companionship 24x7, which includes showering, toileting, and dressing.


Please call, email, or use the contact form for more information.

Rachel is based in Boston MA, however she travel to the client’s home city to provide services.


See what people are saying about Rachel and her work.

Brewster Gifford

Dear Rachel

You were most helpful to me and my wife in her last days. You went well beyond just tending and caring. You voluntarily cooked meals in the morning that we could have for dinner. You took her shopping for clothes which she much appreciated. You were always on time. You showed that you cared, not just that you were caring for.

I am pleased to recommend that any endeavor that you undertake for the benefit of older or infirm individuals would be done professionally with concern for their interest, education, amusement and safety.

I am 90 years old and would not hesitate to put my life and care in your hands if it should be necessary.

Best wishes to you in your new endeavor,

Brewster Gifford

Milton, Ma

Sarah Spencer

To whom it may concern,

I have had the distinct pleasure to be Rachel's colleague for two years in the occupational therapy department of a skilled nursing facility. Her compassion, empathy, and skill at cultivating an environment in which her patients can thrive are truly exemplary. I have witnessed Rachel go above and beyond for her patients daily in her advocacy, program development, and the time she takes to learn more about what motivates each individual and what gives their life purpose and meaning.

When a young patient expressed the wish to send his daughter something for her birthday, Rachel brought in materials for him to make a bracelet for her. When another patient expressed interest in cooking, Rachel brought in her own "instapot" to assist in carrying out the activity. These are but two examples of many that illustrate Rachel's drive to help those around her find beauty and meaning in the world, assisted by her skills as an occupational therapy clinician.

Not only is Rachel skilled at assisting her patients to perform meaningful tasks, but she is also a strong advocate. She is adept at communicating her patients' needs to family members and staff and is creative in finding solutions that facilitate their independence and quality of life.

Therefore it is my pleasure to recommend Rachel Corcoran to the community of those who wish to remain curious about the world around them. In Rachel you can count on someone who will truly listen to you, laugh with you, and help you continue to participate in your community, both locally and globally.


Sarah Spencer, OTR/L

Angelina Costa

To whom it may concern,

I have known Rachel for over 3 years now. I have had the pleasure of working with her at Braintree Manor for a year and a half. Rachel and I worked closely with patients who had a variety of disabilities and mental illnesses, including traumatic brain injuries, ALS, Huntington’s disease, dementia, stroke and more. We have been in touch professionally and personally since then.

As a new graduate Occupational Therapist I was seeking the opportunity for a mentor and Rachel took me under her wing the way she does with everyone. Her heart is so big and caring for all human beings she meets. Her dedication and willingness to work long, hard hours with her patients to achieve their goals and to gain independence. Rachel always goes the extra mile to build rapport with her patients, genuine rapport.

I highly recommend Rachel for any position and as a travel caretaker. She takes caring for people very seriously and as a traveling caretaker she would look over her traveler as if they were her own family member, by keeping them safe and making sure they are enjoying every part of their accessible trip.

Best Regards,

Angelina Costa OTR/L, CYT-200hr